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To Live With Independence

2012 July 23

By Jim Allsup

One of our goals at Allsup is to help people understand the resources available to them, especially when they’re dealing with a life-changing disability.

It’s something we share in common with Centers for Independent Living, or CILs, which also supply people with important resources.

These invaluable, grassroots advocacy groups can be found in most communities across the U.S. and are run by and for people with disabilities. The disability rights movement and forward-thinking legislation in 1973 led to a defined role for CILs: to bring individuals with disabilities more fully into their communities.

The idea is pretty simple—people with disabilities know best what’s needed in order to live independently and should have the opportunity to do so.

Celebrating ADA Anniversary

During July, as we celebrate the Americans with Disability Act, it seems critical to highlight groups working for independence and empowerment. Allsup supports our area CIL, LINC Inc., or the Living Independently Now Center in Belleville,Ill.

Keep in mind that CILs are community based, which means services vary from location to location, depending on that community’s needs. You can find a wide range, including transportation, medical equipment, hearing and seeing assistive devices, help moving to a new home, home modification and employment, to name a few. These services are offered almost always at little to no cost. The focus is independence so that means we’re not talking about nursing homes or residential facilities, but other types of housing.

Click for Assistance

Today there are more than 400 CILs in the U.S. To find a CIL in your area, visit the following links:

Find additional resources from Allsup, especially when it comes to tackling the financial and healthcare related decisions facing people with disabilities. Allsup’s Resource Center is available online, as well as numerous sections about Personal Finance and Managing Healthcare Costs.

Have you supported or received assistance from a CIL? Tell us about the CIL in your area, and visit the Allsup Forum on Resources to share your experiences.


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