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Jim Allsup

Jim-new-blogI began helping people with disabilities more than 30 years ago, first while working for the Social Security Administration and then starting my own Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) representation service.

I spent my time at the SSA as a field representative. There, I had an opportunity to see the disability system up close and personal. Even then, people were frustrated trying to deal with the cumbersome, complicated disability process. Not only for those who needed information or wanted to apply, but also for the field office staff who processed the claims. I always wanted to do things differently though, and I knew changes had to be made. It didn’t take long to realize that if I was ever going to make a real difference, it would have to be from outside.

It was 1984 when I first figured out that I could take a different approach—as a non-attorney representing applicants from around the country. In the beginning, I was the first and only employee of Allsup & Associates. Yes, I had hopes that it wouldn’t be long before I had “associates.” But in the meantime, I answered the phone, typed the reports, collected medical records and represented individuals at their hearings.

Today, more than 800 Allsup “associates” join me in continuing the work that I began. Not much has changed. We still do all the paperwork so you don’t have to, push the SSA to consider your claim early, listen when you need to talk to someone and attend your hearing in person. Only now we understand that your challenges don’t end with your SSDI award. These days we can also help you navigate your Medicare choices, manage your finances in a crisis, keep your home, identify other sources of support and coordinate your other benefits.

As Allsup has grown, so has our ability to support more people than I could have imagined back when I had only a handful of clients. Since 1984, we’ve helped more than 200,000 people receive the SSDI benefits they deserve and paid for.

I am pleased that every member of the Allsup team is dedicated to putting you first. We do that by living our core values: Driven, Fairness, True Helping and Expert. For you, it may start with SSDI. But we focus every day on ensuring you can lead a life that is as financially secure and healthy as possible.

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  1. Elaine M. Lawsaws permalink
    July 7, 2012

    Dear Mr. Allsup:

    I am writing to inquire about the possibility of registering my 18 year old cousin into your upcoming Entrepreneur Academy. I am on faculty at Althoff Catholic High School and was in attendance when you spoke to us about the program a little over a year ago. I remember that almost all of us on staff at the time named a specific student who would be great for the program, and many of us spoke to him directly about signing on, but unfortunately that student did not take the opportunity.

    My cousin, however, is also someone who I feel may be a good fit and I think he would be willing to attend the course if he were allowed. I see that the registration form asks for a year in school or a graduation date, unfortunately my cousin has not been attending school recently due to his moving back and forth across the country between parents. He should have graduated from high school this past May, and with his relocation this week here to Belleville to live with his older brother, who is currently stationed at SAFB, we hope to get him into night classes as soon as possible to ensure he earns a diploma soon.

    Getting him into those classes is a priority, of course, but when I saw that another session of your Academy was beginning, I felt this might be an opportunity for him to gain a better sense of direction and focus for his future.

    If you would agree to take him into the course, please let me know what steps we need to take next to get him enrolled.


    Elaine M. Laws

  2. April 13, 2013

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  3. Mark Johnson permalink
    October 27, 2013

    Interesting I commented about three weeks ago about my poor experience and no response from Jim Allsup!

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