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Easing Colon Cancer’s Financial Burden

2017 March 17

By Lindsay Frye, Meredith’s Miracles

Cancer is a frightening word, no matter its context. It is a devastating and shocking diagnosis that can strike anyone at any time. Most people are familiar with some of the treatments and happenings that come with any cancer diagnosis.

However, unless you or someone close to you are fighting the battle, you do not get to witness the other hardships that come along. A cancer diagnosis carries a huge financial burden. Not only is treatment expensive, but life still has to go on.  A cancer diagnosis does not halt bills from arriving, cars from breaking or children from growing. In fact, cancer can completely take away a person’s ability to work and provide for their family’s most simple needs.

Meredith’s Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation witnesses this financial stress daily, as we converse with young (those diagnosed under age 40) colon cancer patients struggling to keep up with bills or keep the lights on in their homes. We provide financial assistance through grants that cover daily living expenses such as rent and mortgages, daycare costs, utilities, car payments and repairs so that patients can focus on their families and their health. Meredith’s Miracles began when a brave young woman wanted to pay forward the generosity she received during her fight with colon cancer.

We were thrilled to lighten someone’s burden by giving out one “miracle” in 2009 to now becoming the leading organization offering financial assistance to young colon cancer patients across the United States with non-medical expenses.

The stories of past-due bills piling up are endless amongst the cancer patient population, especially when these courageous people are unable to work due to their treatment schedules and side effects from their treatment. Meredith’s Miracles loves being able to bestow miracles upon these brave young people. We have granted over $271,350 to over 215 young colon cancer patients in 43 states. These grants have been able to put smiles on faces and lift spirits of young people fighting some of the toughest fights of their lives.
If you know someone fighting a cancer diagnosis, could you think of a small way you could ease his or her financial burden? Could you bring their family a meal because they might not have the energy to cook? Could you fill up their gas tank so they could make it to their treatment? These small tokens of generosity go so much further than you may realize during these cancer battles.

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