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Surviving With Pancreatic Cancer

2012 July 5

By Jim Allsup

I know friends and family who are living with cancer. They often have the same goal—keep living with cancer, or beat it.

We’ve come across one group fighting cancer that faces a particularly tough battle: the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Those with pancreatic cancer have a survival rate of 6 percent, and it’s aggressive.

This cancer is so aggressive that the Social Security Administration added it to its Compassionate Allowances list. This means getting Social Security disability benefits in two weeks or less. It’s taken the lives of some famous people, like Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze.

But the action network is working to fight this disease. They want to double the survival rate by 2020.

Research, Reach Out, Rally

They’re doing this three ways:

  • One is research. They’re building an expansive network of scientists and researchers to study and share information.
  • Second, theyr’e building stronger support for families and patients. Patients need to know more about treatments and medical options. Makes sense that survival can mean making the right choices at the right time.
  • Third, they’re rallying together. Walk-a-thon fundraisers known as PurpleStride are being held in Denver; Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh; Boston; Boise, Idaho; Austin, Texas; Silicon Valley and all over the U.S.(Visit the PurpleStride website to find an event near you.)

Doubling the pancreatic cancer survival rate won’t be easy.

But I’m hoping, with all their efforts, the goal of doubling the survival rate might soon seem a tad conservative. Visit for more information on the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

If you’d like to share your cancer survival story with Allsup, please visit the Allsup Place Forum.

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